1000 gallon stainless steel mixing tanks and working platform
[1000 SSX3mix]

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  • 1000SSmiX302
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  • 1000-gallon 304 type stainless steel open top mix tanks.
  • Tanks measure 5’-0” in diameter X 7’-0” high on the straight side with a 6” deep conical bottom.
  • Bottom cone has a 2” threaded outlet complete with a 90-degree elbow, ball valve and cam lock fitting.
  • Tanks are supported with four 2” square steel tube legs that elevate the bottom of the cones 48” up from grade.
  • The three-top side mounted MixMor mixers have a Model No G-35 with a Serial No’s 68152-1, 68152-2 & 68152-4.
  • Mixers 1 & 2 have a ¾ HP 230/460-volt 3 phase 1725 RPM TEFC motor that is reduced to 328 RPM on the output shaft.
  • Mixer 4 has a ¾ HP 115/208-volt single phase 1725 RPM TEFC motor that is reduced to 328 RPM on the output shaft.
  • All three shaft diameters are 1 ¼” X 88” long, have one 13” and one 10” diameter 3 propeller type stainless mixing blades.
  • Each tank was filled with water to check tank integrity and for leaks which none were found. At the same time, all three mixers were connected to power to check operation and all three are in excellent condition.
  • The steel mezzanine working platform has galvanized steps on the ladder and a fiberglass grating on the walkway.
  • The overall dimensions for this mezzanine are 48” wide X 144” H X 32’ long including the ladder.
  • A complete detailed drawing of both the tanks and walkway are available upon request as is a video of the tank test, additional pictures and delivery quotes to your location.

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