5000 gallon double wall poly tank

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  • 5000DWPA02
  • 5000DWPA03
  • 5000DWPA04
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  • 5000DWPA10
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5000 gallon poly tank with secondary containment was manufactured by Poly Processing and has a Serial No C-00-12105. The primary tank measures 10’-0” in diameter X 107” overall height. The containment tank measures 11’-11” in diameter X 72” high and has a 8” flanged lip for strength & support. There is a 2” bulkhead fitting in each tank with a 2” flex hose in between used for draining the primary tank. There are also a number of spacers in the containment tank supporting the primary tank from movement. The primary tank was removed from within the secondary tank and both were sealed off and filled with water to check tank integrity and for leaks which none were found. Pictures of this test are available as is a free delivery quote to you location upon request. 

  • Gallons: 5000
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Condition: Used

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